Ivana Tomić, founder & CEO

Passionate traveler who loves people, adventures, new experiences and all that life brings … She knows how to enjoy in every part of it. That is the secret beyond the most wanted travel consultant of luxury journeys in Croatia.

It all started when she was 21. As much as she loved her country, family and friends, she packed her bags and left Croatia only by herself. Ivana had a vision and she accomplished it. She wanted to live and work in travel industry in NYC, travel across USA and Europe. She even spent months, ONLY BY HERSELF, living and doing voluntary eco projects in Cost Rica jungle. That was a unique, ONE OF THE KIND experience …

…and then came the day when one phone call changed her life and she needed to return to her home country Croatia…

After 15 years in travel industry, where she got chance to connect the best she had as Croatian travel consultant in New York City and Croatia, working in corporate world at manager positions on investment project in hospitality industry she decided to open her own travel consulting company and travel agency Journey 2 Croatia, located in her home town Zagreb.

I only can say that traveling has always been a part of me, from my childhood days, and I’m happy now to live and work in my beautiful home country with my family and friends, still loving life, new experiences AND TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD but this time as proud owner of Journey 2 Croatia, well know and respected agency in luxury travel industry across Europe, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA… says arranging passionately trips for VIP clients to Croatia AND NEARBY COUNTRIES.

Ivana and her team love to share with clients the unique magic of her homeland. That includes the world famous places as well as the carefully hidden secrets of local inhabitants such as local gastronomical delights, the best beaches, the most romantic views and adventure experiences.

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