Magdalena Novosel,
Travel designer

From the very young age, Magdalena started travelling and exploring the Croatian coast along with her parents who set up on a mission to show her all there is. Having travelled every summer, from Istria all the way to the south, she fell in love with the exploring and experiencing something new and different.

The curiosity remained and it only grew bigger and stronger as she has gotten older. Wanting to know more about people and culture led her to study cultural anthropology and ethnology which gave her a unique set of skills to recognise the rich tapestry of culture, stories, and heritage diversity within Croatia. These insights translated into her work in the hospitality and tourism, where she integrates Croatia’s rich cultural mosaic to curate immersive and enriching experiences for her clients.

Apart from that, she holds a genuine affection for people, their interests, and their connections, considering these among her most cherished treasures. Magdalena’s main goal is to understand the interests and likings of each client and creating something memorable for them and by doing so, she hopes she can convey the same curiosity and love towards the travel itself and Croatia’s multitude of traditions and natural beauties. One of the greatest sense of accomplishment comes when her clients have the opportunity to appreciate and partake in the very same experiences that she once fell in love with, hoping it will do the same for them.

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