Marino Miličić

Meet Marino, a native of the idyllic island of Hvar, Croatia. Born and raised amidst the stunning landscapes and rich culture of Hvar, Marino’s deep love for his homeland has driven him to a fulfilling career in travel & hospitality. With a passion for showcasing the beauty of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro to traveler’s from around the world, Marino takes great pride in his role. He excels at curating unforgettable experiences, whether it involves guiding clients through the historic sights, planning sailing adventures along the captivating Adriatic coast, or introducing visitors to the intricate and authentic local traditions and arts.

Beyond his professional life, Marino is a dedicated potter, finding solace and creativity in shaping clay into one-of-a-kind artworks. When he’s not at the pottery wheel, he’s out on the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, sailing and connecting with nature. He’s also an enthusiastic globetrotter, with a keen interest in exploring new cultures and landscapes. Marino’s life revolves around his passions for pottery, sailing, nature, and travel. He believes in sharing these passions with others, creating connections, and leaving a lasting impression through memorable travel experiences.

Whether you’re looking to discover the wonders of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro or seeking travel advice from a true enthusiast, Marino is your ideal person to unlocking the beauty and magic of all three countries.

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