Tin Novak

Tin was born and bred on the island Hvar then moved to Zagreb for his studies and ended up making it his home from where he also loves traveling to many countries.  Although he loves Zagreb, he makes time to return to Hvar as often as possible with its island lifestyle, enjoying the local food, wine and experiences with his friends and family.  He is someone who loves soaking up other cultures and is fascinated with people’s stories, which comes from being surrounded and working with travellers and guests from a young age. 

Over the years, Tin made it his mission to discover and try old and almost forgotten traditions off the beaten track wherever he goes.  Through this he built strong relationships with the local people and he loves to share these unique experiences with his friends and visitors. Tin loves to create an unforgettable experience for clients. He believes you can only do this if you really connect with who people are and take the time to understand the way they love travelling, the kind of things they want to feel, see and experience on their holiday and everyday life. He incorporates this into the trip and ensure that guests get to explore the local areas beyond the typical tourist sites, have authentic experiences and support the local people and family businesses at the same time.

Nothing is too much for Tin, whether that is finding the ideal secluded spot to propose, enjoying a meal with a local family, overcoming logistical challenges to get friends together or finding the perfect party spot to celebrate, he always creates a way.

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