Croatian Noble cities in Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones Tv Series made half of the world stick to the screens for eight years to find out who will rule the Westeros. The story is full of twists, emotions, and characters that we fell in love with and unbelievable sceneries, making fans want to see with their own eyes.

What if we reveal that you can walk through the stone-made streets of King’s Landing, seek for Daenerys Targaryen dragons in Meereen and admire mighty fortresses of free city of Braavos, all in just one trip to the South Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Dubrovnik, known as Pearl of Adriatic, served as a perfect location for the adaptation of King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdoms. Founded in the 7th century, Dubrovnik quickly gained its international reputation as a powerful and influential city state, Dubrovnik republic. A strong trade fleet, wise diplomacy and multicultural society made Dubrovnik just like we know it today. Busy old town and port with people of all races and religions has been Dubrovnik’s everyday scene for centuries.

Only three hours drive up North is located Split, the unofficial capital of Dalmatia, the historical Croatian region. Emperor Diocletian decided to make his retirement palace in 5th century and Split started to expand over the peninsula. With Klis fortress protecting the city, Split became a major port of the Adriatic East coast. Split is a magnificent textbook Mediterranean city and there is a lot to explore, even in underground passages and basements.

Sibenik is the smallest city of Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia, but no less attractive. In fact, being off the tourists’ radar combined with an easygoing lifestyle and big culture makes Sibenik a perfect place to enjoy local city vibes. Four fortresses protecting the city and old town’s beautiful architecture must have been the reason why it featured the free city of Braavos, the wealthiest of all free cities.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite Croatian GOT city. We love all three equally 🙂

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