To travel


You all remember Elizabeth from „Eat, pray, love“ (if you haven’t read/seen it, do it fast!) – the way her tongue glides through gastronomic pleasures of Italy, the way her spirit recconects with her in India, and the way her body awakes in front of beauties of Bali.

Whether it was „Eat, pray, love“,  „Under the Tuscan sun“, some other enchanting book, or even „just“ the plastic globe – there’s a special travelling force that brings us travel lovers together. And yes, it’s true – once you hit the road, you always go back for more.

Ever since my first trip when I was just a little girl who couldn’t keep her eyes closed for entire night before the trip, the same feeling of anticipation and butterfly storm in my stomach remained until today. It doesn’t matter where, why or whom with, as long as we’re moving, observing and meeting new sights, cultures and people – life is good.

There’s a saying that a man’s richness isn’t measured by the tickness of his wallet, or by the things he can buy, but by his experience and the life he lived. Well, they were right. Nothing fills the heart, mind and the soul more than standing in awe before a monument or a sight you see for the first time, or enganging yourself in a conversation with someone you see for the first, and possibly the last time ever.

So I decided exactly that: I will spend this life in effort to get as rich as possible, by filling my wallet, heart and mind (and fridge with magnets!) with new places, people and experiences.

However, there’s a time in every traveller’s life when the wind of change strikes in the opposite direction, calling and craving for home, for the stability of home and the comfort of your well known routine. Even more so if your home and country qualify as one of the top destinations of another travellers desire.

That’s exactly what my CROATIA is – a true gem, sparkling pearl that for years helds a high place among the most beautiful places in the world. No matter where in the world I find myself, after a while, I feel that well known urge and craving to come back, to feast my eyes to the sight of fields and forrests yet to be explored, to lay down on the rock and feel my body absorbing the sun, and to dive deep into the blue, feeling all the worries and stress leaving my soul.

Croatia is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With a spectacular coastline, spreading along like a necklace with thousand tiny island pearls, with endless sight of green, green fields of olive trees, with golden prairies of corn and wheat, with national parks recognized and protected by the most important cultural associations in the world, crowned with some magnificent castles, and tiny mainland villages which will enchant you with their beauty and rich historical heritage.

I have never met anyone who has visited, traveled to or lived in Croatia, who didn’t like it. Quite the contrary, once you visit this little Mediterranean south-east Europe gem, you will always want to come back.

To the sights, to the tastes, and to the way it makes you feel. Like a little child, with your face cupped by your nona’s loving hands. Safe, protected and relaxed.

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