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Oyster farm and tasting tour

A few kilometres from Dubrovnik old town is an untouched bay best known for oyster farming. Mali Ston Bay is home to this natural aphrodisiac. There are traces of oyster farming in this bay that date back to Roman times.

Enjoy a private tour of a real working oyster farm with a local farmer, you’ll learn how they are grown, how to shuck your own oysters and best of all to taste it fresh straight from the Adriatic Sea with a glass of local white wine to complement its creamy fresh taste.

Peljesac wine tour

It is simply impossible to come to the Peljesac peninsula without visiting local wine-makers and their vineyards. The Peljesac peninsula is the most famous Croatian wine region which is the cradle of the indigenous grape Plavac Mali. It is grown on steep, protected slopes above the Adriatic Sea, with vineyards from Dingac and Postup areas producing some of the finest wines. Visit a small local family winery to learn more about their wine production and join them on an exciting jeep tour of the vineyards, followed by a delicious wine tasting!

Minglanje – “Mingling”

Walk through streets of Zagreb, mingle with locals and get immersed in the local way of living. The weekend is a time when locals leave business behind to mingle with their friends whether that is at the at the Dolac fresh food market or for a Zagreb Spica, a traditional Zagreb tradition to get dressed up for morning coffee which last hours. Minglanje is the very backbone of Zagreb inhabitants, it is the unofficial Saturday event to gather with friends to share stories, experiences from the week, laugh eat and drink all day long.


Leisure in Southern coastal region of Dalmatia is as important as breathing. Fjaka is a state of mind where one’s able to turn off all the senses and thoughts, usually combined with repetitive visual or audio stimulus that brings you into the depth of your brain. Find your tranquil place and disappear for a moment, because you need it.

Unique experience in the heart of Istria, Truffle hunting

For all who want to discover a unique experience exploring the real Istria with the locals, truffle hunting is an adventure not to be missed! Find out the story of a long family tradition in truffle hunting, have fun with special dogs, and after the hunt, we take you on a cooking class where you will cook delicious Istrian truffle specialties that you caught.

Croatian Gastro Melting pot

Food is an everyday topic in Croatian conversations, whether it is about the upcoming lunch, seasonal harvest, or secret family recipes. Croatia is the culinary melting pot where the flavours of the Orient and Europe, Mediterranean and Alps, Roman and Slavic cultures, Christianity and Islam religions come together. All those rich cultures, religions and nations left a mark in the food over the last 2000 years and provided a delicious twist on what we know as Croatian food nowadays.

Treat your taste buds and join us for the ultimate Croatian food experience, discover-ing new flavours and ways of cooking and eating along the way. Croatian cuisine is very diverse and can be divided into several distinct cuisines which have cooking tra-ditions and characteristics specific to that region. From Istrian Fuži with shaved white truffles, Dalmatian octopus peka cooked in a delicious sauce with Plavac Mali the au-thentic Croatian red wine not forgetting the famous grilled butter lobster you can find on Vis island.

We can take you to everything from the innovative tasting menus in Za-greb with its up and coming chefs to the unkown hidden spots where a local will cook for you from their garden or daily catch! With wines from more than 200 wine regions to accompany your meals, you’re definitely in for a treat!

Make “Soparnik” – a traditional protected dish

Explore the Split countryside and small villages. This picturesque area had great significance in Croatian history. We will take you back to the time of the Republic of Poljica!

In a small village, meet a local family who will present “Soparnik” – a traditional specialty. According to oral tradition, it is believed that Poljicki Soparnik was a popular dish in the time of the Turks. It is originally prepared on round wooden plates and baked in an open fireplace called a “komin”. It serves with olive oil and pressed garlic for added aroma and flavor.

Soparnik is not just a dish, but a combination of history, tradition, and family, in one word – cultural heritage that is rightfully passed down through the generations.

Sea, salt and sun

When in Croatia, you can’t miss the chance to sail in astonishingly blue Adriatic sea. Use the nature given energy of wind and escape the everyday life. Anchor in the most secluded bays, watch dolphins play with the waves or just take off your clothes and give your body and soul the best feeling of freedom ever. It doesn’t matter if you charter a yacht, catamaran, sail or a speedboat, the principles are the same. Our skippers share the same wisdom, let yourself indulge to the healing power of sea, salt and sun. 





We all need a break from everyday life from time to time and there is no better way than walking into the steamy and warm magical world of spa. Trust the knowledge and careful hands of local masseurs and thank yourself.

Ivana and her team ALWAYS makes SmartFlyer shine!

Michael Holtz, Founder and CEO,   SmartFlyer

I have worked on extremely detailed travels with Ivana and her excellent team.  Not only is their knowledge deep and broad, but they also have excellent guides and contacts.  Perhaps, most importantly, they are such a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Lindblad, Founder, Lisa Lindblad Travel Design

We have very high end clientele and Journey 2 Croatia has helped us plan wonderful tailor made itineraries to fit them perfectly! Ivana has great attention to detail, is very knowledgeable about Croatia, and the team is very quick and responsive.

Sheila & Rachel, Walker & Hays Travel, member of Elite Advisors at All Star Travel Group

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