Terms & Conditions

Company information

Company name/ Naziv tvrtke (skraćeni naziv): Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o.
Company name (full name)/ Naziv tvrtke: Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o. za turizam i usluge.
Company Headquarters/ sjedište tvrtke: Zagreb, Hrvatska
Address : Majpruzi 12 , 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Working hours/ Radno vrijeme: 09:00 – 17:00 CET

Contact/Kontakt: +385992786171
E-mail: info@journey2croatia.com

Court Register/Trgovački registar: Commercial court in Zagreb Trgovački sud u Zagrebu

MBS: 0506605
OIB: 89769948096
VAT: HR89769948096

Business manager: Ivana Tomić

Tijelo službenog nadzora: Ministarstvo turizma – Samostalni sektor turističke inspekcije, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb

Official supervision: Independent Sector Tourist Inspection Ministry of Tourism – independent sector tourist inspection, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb

Obavijest o načinu podnošenja prigovora gostiju:

U skladu s čl. 10. Zakona o zaštiti potrošača (NN 41/14, 110/15), te ?l.6. Zakona o pružanju usluga u turizmu (NN 130/17) u slučaju da korisnici usluga imaju prigovor na kvalitetu naših pruženih usluga, prigovor molimo podnijeti pismenim putem na e-mail : Info@journey2croatia.com ili poštom na slijedeću adresu :

Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o
Majpruzi 12,10 000 Zagreb


Primitak prigovora će gostima biti bez odgađanja pisano potvrđen, a odgovor će biti proslijeđen najkasnije u roku od 15 dana od dana primitka prigovora. U prigovoru molimo da se naznači kome i na koji način se želi dostaviti odgovor na prigovor. Svi osobni podaci navedeni u prigovoru bit će pohranjeni adekvatno Zakonu o zaštiti osobnih podataka i neće biti upotrijebljeni u druge svrhe.

Submitting a guest complain:

In accordance with Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, 110/15) and with Article 6 of the Law for Providing Services in Tourism Industry (NN 130/17), we (Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o) inform our guests that a complaint on the quality of our provided services may be submitted in writing via e-mail: info@journey2croatia.com or to the following postal address:

Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o/ Ltd
Majpruzi 12,10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

The confirmation of the receipt will be delivered promptly. The response to the complaint will be provided in writing within 15 days of the receipt of the complaint. When filing the complaint, please provide information to whom and how you wish to receive the response for its accurate delivery. We guarantee that all personal information provided in the complaint will be archived according to the Personal Data Protection Act and will not be used in any other purposes.

General Terms and Conditions 

1.Introductory Note

These instructions and terms and conditions of booking are an integral part of the reservation/program concluded between Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o.( Journey 2 Croatia) Majpruzi 12, 10 000 Zagreb (hereinafter: us, we, our) and the the Traveler/the Travel Contractor. All information and conditions in the program/itinerary and in these General Terms are binding for us and the traveler/the Travel Contractor unless otherwise is determined by the Program/ Contract. By confirming reservation by e- mail and paying deposit you are confirming that you fully accept these General Terms and Conditions.

Sales are made without physical presence of the client, via e-mail /online

  1. Obligations of Journey 2 Croatia:

We ensure the service according to information published and validated on the day of the reservation/ confirmation, and according to the description and travel period confirmed in the reservation.

We are obliged to provide to the customer all the confirmed/contracted services for a particular package, and to provide answers in case of eventual failure to perform services or a part of services.

We will fulfill all the mentioned obligations from programs completely and as described, except in the event of Force Major or changed circumstances. In such cases, we will offer a substitute solution if that is possible. We are not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms and Conditions.

Under Force Major and exceptional circumstances we understand: death, sudden sickness or accident with severe physical injury of a Guest or his/her close family member; war; strike; terrorist actions; natural disasters; limitations issued by authorities. We are not obliged to offer services, which are not in accordance with this General Terms.

Journey 2 Croatia is obliged to provide the traveler with the services of the same content and quality as stated in the reservation (program) and is also obliged to protect the traveler’s rights and interests, in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the Republic of Croatia and fair business practices in the travel industry.

Journey 2 Croatia is obliged to keep all acquired information about the traveler private and safe, and shall not disclose his/her address, destinations, travel schedule, his/her payments nor the names of his/her travel companions to third parties, without his/her prior consent or unless required by law or if service providers need these information for organization of travel services.

  1. Obligations of the Travel Contractor/ Traveler

The Travel Contractor/traveler is obliged to provide Journey 2 Croatia all necessary information for the realization of the travel program, and to inform Journey 2 Croatia about all the facts concerning traveler’s health condition, his/her habits that might jeopardize the course of the travel (if the traveler is on special diet, or if he/she suffers from a chronic disease etc.).

The traveler is obliged to take care that he/she personally meets the conditions anticipated by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the country through which or to which he/she travels, have valid travel documentation, enquire whether or not you need visa for the Republic of Croatia, and if so, you are obligated to pay expenses for it.

To observe the house rules in hotel and other facilities, as well as to cooperate with the representative of the organizer and with service providers.

The client shall be personally responsible for any damage he/she causes, particularly for the damage arisen as the consequence of failure to observe the contract and these General Terms and Conditions. The traveler is also obliged to observe the rules of conduct in the hotels/ villas or other accommodation and in the catering objects and to cooperate in good faith with the Journey 2 Croatia representative and all service providers. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is liable for all damage incurred.

The client shall cover the damage he/she caused immediately at the hotel /villa/ accommodation reception desk and at another place stipulated by the physical or legal person to which he/she caused the damage

  1. Bookings, contracting, payments:

A customer may book travel services (travel package, excursions, accommodation or any other travel related service) and make reservation arranged by Journey 2 Croatia by e-mail.

By confirming services via e-mail/ booking form and paying deposit via wire transfer or by sending signed credit card authorization form, using offline payment when purchasing the services, the customer completely accepts these Terms and Conditions for booking all travel services, which he/she has previously carefully studied.

The contract is considered binding and the reservation confirmed after the initial payment is made. The exact amount of the initial payment and the payment plans are defined in the Special Travel Terms and Conditions.

During the booking, and for the purpose of reserving the selected service, the customer pays 25- 50% of the price of the package depending on services/program and unless it is stated differently in the program. The balance to the full price of the package is to be paid 45 days before the start of the trip unless it is stated differently in the program.

For every reservation, the traveler will be issued the Confirmation Letter with the description of all the services, and also the Special Travel Terms and Conditions if needed. For matters not defined in the Confirmation Letter and the Special Travel Terms and Conditions, the General Business Terms and Conditions apply. 


Clients can pay for their services to our account by bank transfer.

Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o

ADDRESS: Majpruzi 12, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Name of the bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Address of the bank: 10 000 Zagreb, Rackog 6, Croatia

IBAN: HR9423400091110045973


* bank transaction fees are paid by the client

  1. Travel Package:

The details of every confirmed/reserved program, information about the accommodation and all other travel services, and also information about the number of travelers are included in the Confirmation Letter/document.

The accommodation offered in the programs is described according to the official categorization of the respective country valid at the moment of the publication of the program. Nourishment, comfort and the other services provided by the hotel are supervised by the local tourist boards, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable. We (Journey 2 Croatia) does not take responsibility for any verbal or written information differing from the description of the services and the facilities in the published programs which were obtained from a third party.

  1. Journey 2 Croatia right to change and cancellations 

According to the Article 2 of these General Terms we reserve the right to make changes of reservations in case of exceptional circumstances, which cannot be foreseen, avoided or eliminated. Depending on the reason for changes or cancellation of a reservation, we will inform you about incurred changes; and then first try to find appropriate alternative service at least with the same standard and with the same price that you already paid. If there is no appropriate alternative available, we will give you a refund of paid amount for that service.

In case of cancellation of the reservation from us, you do not have right to demand any indemnification of damage besides a full refund as stated above.

Right to price increase and right to cancellation due to price increase

Prices of all travel services are based on the exchange rate of the Croatian currency kuna and foreign currencies. Journey 2 Croatia may ask for an increase of the contracted price in case the following occurred after the contract was concluded:

  • a change of the exchange rate in relation to the program publication date,
  • a change of the transport costs (fuel, road toll, etc.),
  • a change in hotels’ or carriers-transportations’ fees.
  • a change of government taxes 

Journey 2 Croatia can inform customers on the change in writing.

  1. The Client’s right to changes and cancellation 

If you wish to change or cancel the reservation, you must do so in writing (via e-mail). We will approve change only if it is possible. Change of reservation understands: change of number of Guests; change of consumer of service; change of accommodation, change of service and/or change of date of the service.

If there is a possibility of change of reservation without additional expenses, the change will be performed without extra charge. If change of reservation requires additional expenses, those expenses will be extra charged to you with a prior notice. In case, you do not accept extra charges caused by reservation change or if change of reservation is not possible, and you for that reason cancel the reservation, conditions for cancelled reservations will be applied as follows:

If a client cancels a booking, Journey 2 Croatia shall keep the following amounts from the full package price for the “Tailor-Made Programs” (Package tours created specifically according to the traveler’s interests and preferences):
  • For reservation cancelled up to 45 days prior to the beginning date of the service we will charge 25% of the total amount of reservation
  • For reservation cancelled from 44 to 31 days prior to the beginning of the service, we will charge 30% of the total amount of reservation
  • For reservation cancelled from 30 to 22 days prior to the beginning of the service we will charge 50 % of the total amount of reservation
  • For reservation cancelled from 21 to 0 days prior to the beginning of the service we will charge 100 % of the total amount of reservation

For some special individual service/reservations, villa rentals and boat charters cancelations is according to the Special Travel Terms and Conditions for individual services depending on the service. 

In the event the cancellation of the Trip is the result of Force Majeure (either in Croatia or at the Passenger’s country, taking place no more than 30 days prior to the Trip’s start-date) such as government actions, natural disaster, pandemic, terrorism, war, civil disturbance, strikes or any other extreme circumstances that prevent the fulfilment of the Trip – Passengers will be free to choose between the following 2 alternative options:
a) postponing the Trip and hold it at any chosen time within 18 months of its original start-date (in which case all payments made to Journey2Croatia d.o.o. so far by Passengers shall apply to this future Trip)
b) be refunded the payments made to Journey2Croatia d.o.o. so far, after deducting our Administration Fee of 15% of the Total Price.

If client who cancels a reserved and paid service finds a new user for the same service, we will charge only real additional expenses. New client accepts all obligations from these Terms and Conditions.

If a client cancels the tour or shortens the travel due to bad weather conditions, we will apply the above-mentioned scale and subsequent complaints shall not be acknowledged.

  1. Modifications of the contracted services:

Journey 2 Croatia retains the right to change the day or the hour of the departure in the event of the flight timetable changes or other unexpected circumstances, as well as to change the course of the travel in case of the change of the travel conditions (flight timetable changes, the security situation in the country, natural disasters and other circumstances which are beyond the control of Journey 2 Croatia), and according to the current international traffic rules and regulations.

Journey 2 Croatia shall perform all the program obligations completely and as described, except in the event of force majeure. In that case, Journey 2 Croatia will offer an alternative solution. If that solution is impossible to perform as well, Journey 2 Croatia kindly asks their partners to accept that Journey 2 Croatia is not obliged to provide the services outside of these conditions of the reservation.

  1. Travel documentation:

All necessary travel documents will be delivered to the traveler/the Travel Contractor or directly to the service provider in time (vouchers, confirmations, written notices, and such).

  1. Settlement of complains 

We are not responsible for the damaged, lost or stolen luggage or any valuables kept in the accommodation. Lost or stolen luggage or valuables are to be reported to the service provider and the police.

You have a right on reclamation for paid services that are not preformed.  If you are not satisfied with the service, you can submit complaint in writing via e- mail at info@journey2croatia.com

The traveler is obliged to report any complaint he/she might have to Journey 2 Croatia without unnecessary delay.

If during the course of travel, the traveler complains about a default or non-compliance with any of the contracted services, the Journey 2 Croatia representative is obliged to resolve the complaint in an appropriate manner and as soon as possible, and if possible, considering the content of the complaint. If there is no improvement even after the complaint, the traveler can file a complaint in writing no later than 8 days after the completion of the travel via e-mail. The traveler files a complaint individually.

If the customer makes a written complaint after the expiry of that term, Journey 2 Croatia is not obliged to take such a complaint into consideration.

The organizer is obliged to make a written decision regarding the complaint within 15 days after the receipt of the complaint, and it can postpone the term for making the decision about the complaint by another 15 days on account of collecting the information. The organizer shall resolve only such complaints, which could not have been eliminated at the spot.

The maximum amount of compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the claimed part of services, but it may not include the services already used, or the entire package amount. The customer and Journey 2 Croatia will endeavor to resolve disputes in mutual agreement. Journey 2 Croatia believes that in case of any possible complaints, the traveler will be satisfied with the solution provided by Journey 2 Croatia. Alternatively, UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies) Arbitration board may be contacted. In an unlikely case of a lawsuit, Journey 2 Croatia would like to inform you that the law of the Republic of Croatia will be applicable and that the competent court will be the court in Zagreb.

While the procedure of resolving is under way the traveler waives the right to have any other person or judicial institution mediate on his/her behalf, as well as to provide any information to the media. 

Procedure of reclamation:

  • you are obligated to report complaint to the service provider upon arrival
  • if the reason for reclamation occurred during a stay, you are obligated to report complaint upon occurrence
  • you are obligated to cooperate with the service provider with intention to eliminate causes of the reclamation
  • if you accept the proposed solution which corresponds with the service rendered on the spot, we are not obligated to take additional complaints into consideration
  • If the problem is not resolved on the spot following an intervention, you are obligated to submit a written complaint to us along with supporting documents as well as any photographs to support the complaint by e-mail: info@journey2croatia.comas explained above

The highest amount of compensation per complaint can cover only the complaint portion of the service. If you do not reclaim the service on the spot, you cannot fulfill right for a refund.

Our suppliers and we reserve the right for reclamation if we think that any damage is done. By confirming reservation you accept to pay any damage at the spot.

  1. Security of personal information 

Your personal information is required for processing requested service. Your personal information given to us of your own free will be used for communication between you and us. We are under obligation that personal information will not be given to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out the requested travel and other service related to trip (accommodation, tours, transfers or any additional travel services during the trip).

  1. Insurance from risk of cancellation

We strongly recommend that you come to your holiday fully insured and to make sure that all of the activities, which you will be carrying out, are covered by such insurance. This insurance must include emergency evacuation, trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage insurance, health insurance and accident insurance and repatriation costs in respect of all of your activities. We recommend that you study the insurance terms carefully before the purchasing.

  1. Passports and visas

Clients are obliged to have valid passports. Invalid passports leading to a cancellation of the travel shall not have any harmful consequences for Journey 2 Croatia would suffer an additional damage due to such an omission by a client, the client is obliged to compensate the same.

If a passport is lost or stolen during travel, the costs of issuing of a new passport shall be borne by the client himself/herself.

  1. Foreign exchange and customs regulations

Customers are obliged to comply with all foreign exchange and customs regulations, as well as with laws and other by-laws of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which they travel and where they stay.

If a customer cannot continue the tour because of a violation of regulations, all costs and consequences shall be borne by the violator alone. 


Travelers are obliged to comply with all visa-related, customs and foreign exchange regulations of the countries they travel through and in which they are staying. If the travel cannot be continued because of the violation of the regulations by the traveler, all costs and consequences will be defrayed by the violator himself/herself.

Travelers are obliged to have valid travel documents (passports, visas and such). Invalid travel documents leading to the cancellation of the travel shall not have any harmful consequences for Journey 2 Croatia. If the travel documents are lost or stolen during the travel, the cost of issuing the new ones shall be borne by the traveler himself/herself.

Details on visa regulations as well as other information related to travelling to the particular country can be found here:

For Croatia: https://www.mvep.hr/en/consular-information/travel-information/general-information/

For Slovenia: https://www.mzz.gov.si/en/entry_and_residence/

For Bosnia and Herzegovina:  https://www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx

For Montenegro: https://www.mvp.gov.me/en/sections/consular-affairs/visa-regimes-for-foreign-citizens/

  1. Warranty in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of tour organizer

In accordance with the Law on Tourist Activity, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of Journey 2 Croatia customers caught by that while traveling, as well as persons which paid down payments for a travel should contact the provider stated on the travel certificate or on another corresponding document as soon as possible.

Journey 2 Croatia certifies to have paid the Guarantee fund insurance for the package tours and the liability insurance (insurance company Croatia osiguranje d.d., Vatroslava Jagi?a 33, Zagreb, Croatia Phone +385 0800 1884 , Fax +385 163 32 020) in accordance with the law. The above insurances apply in cases when Journey 2 Croatia is the package tour organizer.

  1. Final provisions

These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the reservation/program/itinerary that a customer concludes with Journey 2 Croatia in which he/she booked services organized by Journey 2 Croatia. By confirming services by e-mail, paying deposit, the customer fully accepts the services and the conditions of the travel. This issue of the Terms and Conditions of travel includes all the earlier issues.

If any of the parties finds the resolution to the dispute unsatisfactory, they are entitled to file for court arbitration. Any such dispute shall come under the competence of the Council Court in Zagreb, Croatia

 May 25th, 2018


OIB:89769948096, VAT: HR89769948096
Tel: +385 992786171

E-mail: info@journey2croatia.com


Opći uvjeti i odredbe – Hrvatski jezik

1.Uvodna napomena

Ove upute, uvjeti rezervacije sastavni su dio rezervacije /itinerera paket-aranžmana sklopljenog između Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o. Majpruzi 12, 10 000 Zagreb (u daljnjem tekstu: mi, naši) i putnika/ugovoritelja putovanja. Sve informacije i uvjeti u programu/itinereru i Općim uvjetima obvezujući su za nas i za putnika, osim ako ugovorom nije drugačije određeno. Potvrdom rezervacije putem e-maila i plaćanja depozita potvrđujete da u potpunosti prihvaćate ove Opće uvjete poslovanja.

Prodaja se vrši bez fizičke prisutnosti klijenta, putem e-maila / online

  1. Obveze Journey 2 Croatia:

Obavezujemo se osigurati uslugu prema informacijama koje su objavljene i potvrđene na dan rezervacije /potvrde prema opisu i periodu putovanja potvrđenog u rezervaciji.

Obvezni smo klijentu pružiti sve potvrđene/ugovorene usluge za određeni paket aranžman i dati odgovore u slučaju eventualnog neuspjeha obavljanja usluga ili dijela usluga.

U potpunosti ćemo ispuniti sve navedene obveze iz ugovora/programa kako je opisano u njemu, osim u slučaju ”više sile” ili promijenjenih okolnosti. U takvim slučajevima nudimo zamjensko rješenje, ako je moguće. Nismo obvezni pružati usluge izvan ovih Općih uvjeta.

Pod ”višom silom” i iznimnim okolnostima podrazumijevamo: smrt, iznenadnu bolest ili nesreću s teškom tjelesnom ozljedom gosta ili njegovog bliskih članova obitelji; rat; štrajk; terorističke akcije; prirodne katastrofe; ograničenja koje izdaju vlasti. Nismo obvezni ponuditi usluge koje nisu u skladu s ovim Općim uvjetima.

Journey 2 Croatia dužna je putniku pružiti usluge istog sadržaja i kakvoće navedene u rezervaciji (programu/ itinereru) te je također obvezatno zaštititi prava i interese putnika u skladu s važećim pravilima i propisima Republike Hrvatske i poštenom poslovnom praksom u turističkoj djelatnosti.

Journey 2 Croatia dužna je zadržati sve informacije o putniku, bilo one privatne ili sigurnosne te ne smije otkrivati adresu, odredišta, raspored putovanja, njegova/njezina plaćanja niti imena njegovih/njezinih suputnika trećim osobama, bez njegove/njezine prethodne suglasnosti, osim ako to nije propisano zakonom ili potrebno radi izvođenja usluga iz programa od strane partnera. 

  1. Obveze putnika /ugovoritelja putovanja s Journey 2 Croatia

Putnik / ugovoritelj putovanja s Journey 2 Croatia dužan je pružiti sve potrebne informacije za realizaciju programa/itinerera, te obavijestiti Journey 2 Croatia o svim činjenicama vezanim uz zdravstveno stanje putnika, o njegovim navikama koje bi mogle ugroziti tijek putovanja (ako je putnik na posebnoj prehrani ili ako pati od kakve kronične bolesti itd.).

Putnik je dužan brinuti se da osobno ispunjava uvjete predviđene propisima Republike Hrvatske i zemlje u kojoj se nalazi ili preko koje putuje, da ima važeću putnu dokumentaciju, da ispita treba li zatražiti vizu za Republiku Hrvatsku, i ako treba, obvezan je platiti troškove za to.

Putnik je dužan pridržavati se kućnog reda u hotelskim i drugim smještajnim kapacitetima te surađivati s predstavnikom organizatora putovanja i davateljima usluga.

Klijent je osobno odgovoran za bilo kakvu štetu koju uzrokuje, osobito za štetu nastalu uslijed nepridržavanja ugovora i ovih Općih uvjeta. Putnik je također dužan pridržavati se pravila ponašanja u hotelima / villama ili drugim smještajnim objektima i ugostiteljskim objektima te surađivati u dobroj vjeri s predstavnikom Journey 2 Croatia i sa svim davateljima usluga. U slučaju nepoštivanja ovih obveza, putnik je odgovoran za svu nastalu štetu.

Klijent je dužan pokriti štetu koju je izazvao, odmah na recepciji hotela / ville /smještajnog objekta i na drugome mjestu koje je odredila fizička ili pravna osoba kojoj je on/ona nanio štetu.

  1. Rezervacije, ugovaranje, plaćanja:

Klijent može rezervirati putničke usluge (putni aranžman, izlete, smještaj ili bilo koju drugu turističku uslugu) te može napraviti rezervaciju preko Journey 2 Croatia putem e-maila.

Klijent u potpunosti prihvaća ove Uvjete i odredbe potvrdom usluge putem e-pošte / obrasca za rezervaciju i uplatom depozita putem bankovnog prijenosa ili slanjem potpisanog obrasca za autorizaciju kreditne kartice, koristeći se offline plaćanjem za rezervacije svih putničkih usluga, koje je prethodno pažljivo proužio/la.

Ugovor se smatra obvezujućim, a rezervacija potvrđena nakon uplate depozita. Točan iznos uplate depozita i raspored plaćanja definiran je Posebnim  uvjetima i odredbama putovanja.

Za rezervaciju odabrane usluge, gost plaća 25-50% cijene paket aranžmana, ovisno o uslugama/programa/itinerera, osim ako nije drugačije navedeno u programu/itinereru. Završno plaćanje paket aranžmana mora bit izvršeno 45 dana prije početka putovanja, osim ako u programu putovanja nije drugačije navedeno.

Nakon uplate putniku će se izdati program/potvrda/itinerer s opisom svih usluga u digitalnom formatu kao i Posebni uvjeti putovanja, ako je potrebno. Za pitanja koja nisu definirana u programu i u posebnim uvjetima putovanja, primjenjuju se Opći uvjeti poslovanja.


Klijenti mogu platiti za svoje usluge na naš račun putem bankovnog transfera.

Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o

ADRESA: Majpruzi 12, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Naziv banke: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Adresa banke: 10 000 Zagreb, Rackog 6, Hrvatska

IBAN: HR9423400091110045973


* naknade za transakcije banke plaća klijent



  1. Paket- aranžman:

Pojedinosti o svakom potvrđenom / rezerviranom paket-aranžman, informacije o smještaju i svim ostalim putničkim uslugama te informacije o broju putnika uključeni su u programu putovanja/itinereru.

Smještaj koji se nudi u programu opisan je prema službenoj kategorizaciji zemlje koja je važeća u trenutku objavljivanja programa. Hrana, udobnost i druge usluge koje pruža hotel nadziru lokalne turističke zajednice, a standardi smještaja i usluga su različiti i nisu usporedivi. Mi (Journey 2 Croatia) ne preuzimamo odgovornost za bilo koju verbalnu ili pisanu informaciju koja se razlikuje od opisa usluga i sadržaja u objavljenom programu, a koji su dobiveni od treće strane. 

  1. Journey 2 Croatia ima pravo na promjenu rezervacije i otkazivanje

Prema članku 2. ovih Općih uvjeta i odredbi pridržavamo pravo promjene rezervacije u slučaju izuzetnih okolnosti koje se ne mogu predvidjeti, izbjeći ili eliminirati. Ovisno o razlozima izmjena ili otkazivanju rezervacije, obavijestit ćemo vas o nastalim promjenama; a zatim prvo pokušati pronaći odgovarajuću alternativnu uslugu barem s istim standardom i istom cijenom koju ste već platili. Ako ne postoji odgovarajuća alternativa, vratit ćemo vam uplaćeni iznos pojedinačne usluge.

U slučaju da rezervaciju otkažemo mi, nemate pravo tražiti bilo kakvu naknadu štete osim punog uplaćenog iznosa kako je gore navedeno.

Pravo na povećanje cijene i pravo na otkazivanje zbog povećanja cijena

Cijene svih putničkih usluga temelje se na tečaju hrvatske valute i stranih valuta. Journey 2 Croatia može zatražiti povećanje ugovorene cijene ako se nakon zaključenja ugovora dogodilo sljedeće:

– promjena tečaja u odnosu na datum objavljivanja paket-aranžmana,

– promjena troškova prijevoza (gorivo, cestarina itd.),

– promjena u naknadi za hotele ili prijevoznike

– promjena državnih poreza

Journey 2 Croatia može u pismenom obliku obavijestiti klijente o promjenama.

  1. Klijentovo pravo na promjenu i otkazivanje rezervacije

Ako želite promijeniti ili otkazati rezervaciju, morate to učiniti pismenim putem ( e-mailom). Mi ćemo odobriti promjenu samo ako je to moguče. Promjena rezervacije podrazumijeva: promjena broja gostiju; promjena vezana uz korisnike usluge; promjena smještaja, promjena usluge i / ili promjene datuma usluge.

Ako postoji mogućnost promjene rezervacije bez dodatnih troškova, promjena će se izvršiti bez dodatne naplate. Ako promjena rezervacije zahtijeva dodatne troškove, ti će vam troškovi biti dodatno naplaćeni uz prethodnu obavijest. U slučaju da ne prihvaćate dodatne troškove zbog promjene rezervacije ili ako promjena rezervacije nije moguća, a vi zbog toga otkazujete rezervaciju, uvjeti za otkazivanje rezervacije primjenjuju se na sljedeći način:

Ako gost otkaže rezervaciju, Journey 2 Croatia će zadržati sljedeće iznose pune cijene Tailor Made programa (program izrađeni posebno prema interesima i preferencijama putnika):

• Za rezervaciju otkazanu do 45 dana prije datuma početka usluge naplatit ćemo 25% od ukupnog iznosa rezervacije
• Za rezervaciju otkazanu od 44 do 31 dana prije početka usluge naplatit ćemo 30% od ukupnog iznosa rezervacije
• Za rezervaciju otkazanu od 30 do 22 dana prije početka usluge naplatit ćemo 50% od ukupnog iznosa rezervacije
• Za rezervaciju otkazanu od 21 do 0 dana prije početka usluge naplatit ćemo 100% od ukupnog iznosa rezervacije


Za posebne pojedinačne usluge kao sto su iznajmljivanje vile i brodski najam, otkazivanje je regulirano Posebnim uputama i uvjetima putovanja za pojedine usluge ovisno o usluzi.

In the event the cancellation of the Trip is the result of Force Majeure (either in Croatia or at the Passenger’s country, taking place no more than 30 days prior to the Trip’s start-date) such as government actions, natural disaster, pandemic, terrorism, war, civil disturbance, strikes or any other extreme circumstances that prevent the fulfilment of the Trip – Passengers will be free to choose between the following 2 alternative options:
a) postponing the Trip and hold it at any chosen time within 18 months of its original start-date (in which case all payments made to Journey2Croatia d.o.o. so far by Passengers shall apply to this future Trip)
b) be refunded the payments made to Journey2Croatia d.o.o. so far, after deducting our Administration Fee of 15% of the Total Price.

Ako klijent koji otkaže rezerviranu i za plaćenu uslugu pronađe novog korisnika za istu uslugu, naplatit ćemo samo stvarne dodatne troškove. Novi klijent prihvaća sve obveze iz ovih Uvjeta i odredbi.

Ako klijent otkaže putovanje ili ga skrati zbog loših vremenskih uvjeta, primijenit ćemo gore navedenu skalu te naknadne pritužbe neće biti priznate.

  1. Izmjene ugovorenih usluga:

Journey 2 Croatia zadržava pravo promjene dana ili sata odlaska u slučaju promjena rasporeda leta ili drugih neočekivanih okolnosti, kao i promjene tijeka putovanja u slučaju promjene uvjeta putovanja (promjene leta, sigurnosne situacije u zemlji, prirodnih katastrofa i drugih okolnosti koje su izvan kontrole Journey 2 Croatia) i prema važećim međunarodnim prometnim pravilima.

Journey 2 Croatia će obavljati sve ugovorene obveze u potpunosti i kako je opisano, osim u slučaju ”više sile”. U tom će slučaju Journey 2 Croatia ponuditi alternativno rješenje. Ako to rješenje nije moguće izvesti, Journey 2 Croatia. ljubazno traži od svojih partnera da prihvate da Journey 2 Croatia nije obvezna pružiti usluge izvan ovih uvjeta rezervacije.

  1. Putna dokumentacija:

Sve potrebne putne isprave bit će dostavljene putniku/ugovoritelju putovanja ili izravno davatelju usluga na vrijeme (vaučeri, potvrde, pisane obavijesti i slično).

  1. Rješavanje žalbe

Mi nismo odgovorni za oštećenu, izgubljenu ili ukradenu prtljagu ili bilo kakve dragocjenosti koje se čuvaju u smještajnom objektu. Izgubljenu ili ukradenu prtljagu ili dragocjenost treba prijaviti pružatelju usluge i policiji.

Imate pravo na nadoknadu za plaćene usluge koje nisu ostvarene. Ako niste zadovoljni uslugom, pritužbu možete podnijeti pismenim putem e-mailom na info@journey2croatia.com

Klijent je dužan prijaviti bilo kakvu svoju pritužbu Journey 2 Croatia bez nepotrebnog kašnjenja.

Ako se tijekom putovanja klijent žali zbog neispunjavanja obveza ili neispunjavanja bilo koje ugovorene usluge, zastupnik Journey 2 Croatia je dužan riješiti prigovor na odgovarajući način i što je prije moguće, i ako je moguće s obzirom na sadržaj žalbe. Ako nema rješenja čak i nakon pritužbe, klijent je dužan pisanu prijavu podnijeti najkasnije 8 dana nakon završetka putovanja putem E-maila. Klijent mora osobno podnijeti žalbu. Ako klijent podnese pisanu pritužbu nakon isteka tog roka, Journey 2 Croatia nije dužna uzeti u obzir takav prigovor.

Organizator putovanja je dužan donijeti pismenu odluku o prigovoru u roku od 15 dana od primitka prigovora i može odgoditi rok za donošenje odluke o pritužbi za još 15 dana zbog prikupljanja podataka. Organizator putovanja će riješiti samo takve pritužbe, koje se nisu mogle riješiti na licu mjesta.

Maksimalni iznos naknade po prigovoru može doseći iznos potraživanog dijela usluga, ali ne može uključivati već izvršene usluge ili cijeli iznos paket-aranžmana. Klijent i Journey 2 Croatia nastojat će rješavati sporove u međusobnom dogovoru. Journey 2 Croatia smatra da će u slučaju eventualnih pritužbi putnik biti zadovoljan rješenjem koje pruža Journey 2 Croatia. Alternativno, mogu se kontaktirati Arbitražna komisija UHPA (Udruga hrvatskih putničkih agencija). U slučaju tužbe, Journey 2 Croatia želi vas obavijestiti da će se primjenjivati zakon Republike Hrvatske i da će nadležni sud biti sud u Zagrebu.

Dok je postupak u tijeku, putnik se odriče prava na posredovanje bilo koje druge osobe ili pravosudne institucije u njegovo ime, kao i za pružanje bilo kakvih informacija medijima. 

Postupak reklamacije:

  • dužni ste prijaviti žalbu davatelju usluga po dolasku
  • ako se tijekom boravka dogodio povod za reklamaciju, dužni ste prijaviti pritužbu po nastanku
  • obvezujete se surađivati s davateljem usluga s namjerom uklanjanja uzroka reklamacije
  • ako prihvaćate predloženo rješenje koje odgovara pruženoj usluzi na licu mjesta, nismo dužni uzeti u obzir dodatne prigovore
  • Ako problem nije riješen na licu mjesta nakon intervencije, dužni ste nam priložiti pismenu pritužbu zajedno s popratnom dokumentacijom kao i fotografijama koje dokazuju pritužbu putem e-maila: info@journey2croatia.com kako je gore objašnjeno

Najviši iznos naknade po prigovoru može pokriti samo dio usluge na koju se žalite. Ako ne tražite ispravljanje usluge na licu mjesta, ne ispunjavate pravo na povrat novca.

Naši partneri i mi zadržavamo pravo na reklamaciju ako smatramo da je bila učinjena kakva šteta. Potvrđujući rezervaciju, vi prihvaćate platiti štetu na licu mjesta.

  1. Sigurnost osobnih podataka

Vaši osobni podaci potrebni su za obradu tražene usluge. Vaši osobni podaci koje ste nam dali vašom slobodnom voljom bit će korišteni za komunikaciju između vas i nas. Obvezujemo se da osobne podatke nećemo dati trećoj osobi, osim u svrhu obavljanja tražene putne i druge usluge vezane uz putovanje (smještaj, izleti, transferi ili bilo kakve dodatne turističke usluge tijekom putovanja).

  1. Osiguranje od rizika otkazivanja

Preporučujemo vam da u toku putovanja budete u potpunosti osigurani i da provjerite da su sve aktivnosti koje ćete provesti pokrivene takvim osiguranjem. Ovo osiguranje mora uključivati evakuaciju u slučaju nužde, odgodu putovanja, otkazivanja putovanja, prekid putovanja, osiguranje prtljage, zdravstveno osiguranje i osiguranje od nezgode te troškove repatrijacije u odnosu na sve vaše aktivnosti. Preporučujemo da prije ugovaranja police osiguranja pažljivo proučite uvjete osiguranja.

  1. Putovnice i vize

Klijenti su dužni imati valjane putovnice. Neispravne putovnice koje mogu dovesti do otkazivanja putovanja neće imati štetnih posljedica po Journey 2 Croatia. Klijent je dužan nadoknaditi dodatnu štetu zbog takvog svog propusta.

Ako se putovnica izgubi ili ukrade tijekom putovanja, troškove izdavanja nove putovnice snosi sam klijent.

  1. Devizni i carinski propisi

Klijenti su dužni pridržavati se svih deviznih i carinskih propisa, kao i zakona i drugih akata Republike Hrvatske i drugih zemalja kroz koje putuju i gdje ostaju.

Ako gost ne može nastaviti obilazak zbog kršenja propisa, sve troškove i posljedice snosi sam prekršitelj.


Putnici su dužni pridržavati se svih propisa vezanih uz vizu, carinu i deviznih propisa zemalja u kojima putuju i u kojima borave. Ako se putovanje ne može nastaviti zbog kršenja propisa putnika, sve troškove i posljedice snosi sam prekršitelj.

Putnici moraju imati važeće putne isprave (putovnice, vize i slično). Nevažeći putni dokumenti koji dovode do otkazivanja putovanja neće imati štetnih posljedica za Journey 2 Croatia d.o.o. Ukoliko putne isprave budu izgubljene ili ukradene tijekom putovanja, trošak izdavanja novih snosi sam putnik

Pojedinosti o viza- propisima, kao i druge informacije vezane uz putovanje u određenu zemlju, možete pronaći ovdje:

Za Hrvatsku: https://www.mvep.hr/en/consular-information/travel-information/general-information/

Za Sloveniju: https://www.mzz.gov.si/en/entry_and_residence/

Za Bosnu i Hercegovinu: https://www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx

Za Srbiju: https://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/consular-affairs/entry-serbia/visa_requirements

Za Crnu Goru: https://www.mvp.gov.me/en/sections/consular-affairs/visa-regimes-for-foreign-citizens/

  1. Jamstvo u slučaju nemogućnosti plaćanja ili stečaja organizatora putovanja

U skladu sa Zakonom o turističkoj djelatnosti, u slučaju nemogućnosti plaćanja /insolventnosti ili stečaja Journey 2 Croatia, a tiče se klijenata dok putuju, kao i osoba koje su platile putovanje, trebaju što prije kontaktirati davatelja usluga navedenog na putnoj listi ili na drugom odgovarajućem dokumentu.

Journey 2 Croatia potvrđuje da je u skladu sa zakonom osigurala jamstveni fond za paket aranžmane i osiguranje od odgovornosti (kod osiguravajućeg društva Croatia osiguranje d.d. Vatroslava Jagića 33, Zagreb, Hrvatska, Tel: +385 0800 1884 , Fax +385 163 32 020). Gore navedena osiguranja primjenjuju se u slučajevima kada je Journey 2 Croatia  organizator paket-aranžmana.

  1. Završne odredbe

Ovi Opći uvjeti sastavni su dio rezervacije / paket-aranžmana koji putnik zaključuje s Journey 2 Croatia u kojem je rezervirao usluge što ih organizira Journey 2 Croatia Potvrđujući usluge e-mailom, plaćanjem pologa, gost u potpunosti prihvaća usluge i uvjete putovanja. Ova objava Uvjeta putovanja uključuje sve ranije objave.

Ako bilo koja strana smatra da je rješenje spora nezadovoljavajuće, ima pravo podnijeti zahtjev za sudsku arbitražu. Svaki takav spor spada u nadležnost Suda u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

01. siječnja 2021.


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Tel: +385 992786171

E-mail: info@journey2croatia.com

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