Private events

If you desire anything out of the ordinary in Croatia, we will make it happen. Our long list of partners and know-how of local venues and locations is unprecedented. We know all the right people at the right places with whom we build personal life long relationships and partnership so we can together help our clients and partners make the best of their private personalized event. Take your team, friends and family on a trip they will never forget and discover Croatia together.

Strengthen their ties with everlasting memories on the event and trip we will plan for you! Your private event can be lavish or intimate – from an unforgettable dinner party on the yacht with a couple of friends overlooking beautiful Dubrovnik old town, a special celebration at one of the most beautiful Croatian fortresses, or a family gathering on a local private estate with traditional gastronomy specialties.

Looking for a perfect destination for your special day! Engagement or Wedding day! Tie the knot in Croatia! The most romantic locations are just a click away. We are your Magician who will make it all happen!

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